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MXL CR77 Dynamic Stage Vocal Mic: Gorgeous

MXL CR77 dynamic stage vocal microphone
The MXL CR77 dynamic stage vocal microphone

MXL CR77 is a modern, brighter tonality live microphone housed in a gorgeous, eye-catching vintage body.

It has a surprisingly loud sound, most suitable for live vocals and broadcast.

It was an MXL’s “ambitious project” as an attempt to move out of the recording studio world into the live stage world while “providing a high quality dynamic microphone” that you can travel with and use on stage. It’s aimed at performers who want some character and still have great quality sound live on stage.

In this MXL CR77 review, we’ll take a look at the key features and characteristics of this mic and most importantly: Is it worth your money?

CR77 Look and Build Quality

The MXL CR77 is a dynamic XLR stage microphone with an all-metal body and a yoke mount to support the heavy weight of the mic.

It has a very old school look to it which immediately catches the eye on first sight and it feels amazing.

The CR77 is a part of the MXL’s CR series of mics famous for their dual layer body of black and chrome. It has a matte black bottom with a contrasted black chrome on top with a round rivets on the front metal mesh grill.

The metal mesh is complimented with an internal windscreen built into it, so the mic has two layers of filtering before the sound even hits the diaphragm. The dynamic element is also shock-mounted and comes with a wind screen as well.

Unlike most dynamic mics that have a thin layer of foam that they call a windscreen, this mic does have a substantial windscreen inside that really helps out with vocals.

According to MXL, the design and the size of the body open up the tone and allow for more of your voice and presence to be absorbed by the mic.

The MXL CR77 solid metal construction allows you to use it on stage and carry around without having to worry about breaking it.

the dual layer body matte black chrome of CR77 mic
The CR77 matte black and chrome body

MXL CR77 Sound and Pickup Pattern

The MXL CR77 has a super cardioid (heart-shaped) polar pattern which means that it can have a high rejection on the stage as it will cancel out unwanted sounds from monitors and from the crowd.

Although the CR77 is a dynamic mic which normally has a good off-axis rejection, it’s a little bit forgiving if you move around or step back while performing. It’s still going to pick you up from a foot away or so just fine.
MXL say they had put a lot of research and development time into the actual capsule of the CR77 which was “tested and perfected over months” to come up with the exact desired tonality. This seems to have paid well as this is a pretty loud and nice sounding mic.

It sounds excellent on the voice and has a really nice performance and broadcast sound and tone to it.

On the electric guitar, it doesn’t have as much presence as most may typically prefer but it still sounds pretty nice and beefy. On the acoustic though, it doesn’t sound that good at all.

MXL CR77 frequency and polar pattern chart
MXL CR77 frequency and polar pattern chart

MXL CR77 Specs

Frequency Response:50 Hz-14 kHz
Polar pattern:Super Cardioid
Sensitivity:-52 dB re 1 V/Pa
Impedance:400 ohms
Size:65mm x 180mm/2.56 in x 7.09 in
Weight:1.4 lbs/635g
Metal Finish:Black and Black Chrome

What’s in the box of the MXL CR77

CR77 travel case
MXL CR77 comes in a nice travel case

Like almost any purchase from MXL, you are greeted with some type of a carrying/storing case and the CR77 is no exception. It comes in a very nice aluminum flight case with a protective hard shell on the out side and a generous amount of foam on the inside. So you can take it out and throw it in the back seat of your car without having to worry about the mic breaking.

In the carrying case, you get the mic itself pre-attached to a yoke mic adapter and ready to be mounted on a mic stand.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a stage mic that’s going to catch people’s eyes and be a little bit flashy and sounds good for a mid-range price of $180, this is definitely a cool mic that I’d suggest you get. This thing absolutely looks awesome, it makes you look like you’re in a 1930s broadcast studio.

Some may go the extent of saying that the only reason you should buy this mic over a cheaper dynamic like the Shure SM58 is it’s look.

Sure it sounds really good and is built really well but if you’re in a live setting, people won’t notice the difference between this mic and an SM58 . People will just look at this and think you’re cool.

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