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MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Mic Review

MXL V67G large capsule condenser microphone
MXL V67G large capsule condenser microphone

At only $64 currently, the MXL V67G large capsule condenser microphone is a steal. Not only will you be happy you got a large capsule condenser mic at this very low price, but also you will be amazed how great this mic sounds especially on vocals.

Off course, at a price this low, you are not expecting the quality of a $1000 professional studio microphone but this mic is easily comparable. No wonder it’s won the badge “1# Seller” on B&H site.

MXL says that the V67G “combines a Class A FET circuitry and a transformer-coupled output for an open and pure sound”. Whatever that may mean, the V67G has a creamy, warm sound that will cut through a busy mix nicely.

Aesthetically, the MXL V67G is the most attractive mic I have ever seen. It’s got that unique, green vintage body with a gold-plated round grill. It’s just beautiful and speaks luxury. If you’re one of those home recording enthusiasts who have the habit of showing off their gear to friends, and admittedly, most of us do, you will love this mic. It really stands out in the crowd.

MXL V67G Performance:

Voice reproduction of the MXL V67G is stunning at this price range. It brings warm tone and authenticity to the voice and the background hiss is almost non-existent.

Many people describe its sound as being “old school tube mellow”. It sure is. It has that mellow sound of older mics from decades ago- very smooth and nice.

This MXL mic has a big low-end especially emphasised with proximity and, depending on your voice, you may need to do some EQ to reduce the top-end just a little. Otherwise, its pretty much flat.

The V67G has a 1” gold sputtered diaphragm with a wide cardioid pickup pattern. It’s a large-capsule-condenser mic which while being good news in that it’s very sensitive and can capture every subtle detail in your voice, it can be a challenge too. The high sensitivity means also it can pickup sounds outside its pattern which may cause some background noise and feedback. This is why it’s ideal for the novice home recording artist but, obviously, not for the stage performance.

MXL V67G Features:

  • Solid-state mic that adds warmth to vocals
  • Tube-like rich midrange
  • Clear sound
  • Smooth vocals that stays above the mix

MXL V67G Technical Specs:

Pressure gradient condenser mic
6 micron gold-sputtered
Capsule Size:
Frequency Response:
30Hz – 20kHz
Polar pattern:
15 mV/Pa
200 ohms
Equivalent noise:
20 dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
S/N Ratio:
74 dB (Ref. 1 PA A-weighted)
Max SPL for .5% THD:
130 dB
Power Requirements:
Phantom Power 48V (+/- 4V)
47 mm x 184 mm/1.85 in. x 7.24 in.
1.3 lbs/589.67g
Metal Finish:
Green with gold grill

MXL V67G Frequency Curve and Polar Pattern:

MXL V67G frequency curve and polar pattern
MXL V67G frequency curve and polar pattern

MXL V67G Accessories:

To compliment your purchase of this mic, it’s nice if you can add a pop filter to prevent popping sounds and reduce breath from reaching the mic, however, adding a pop filter may reduce the proximity effect this mic has. It’s not a big issue if you perform at a distance from the mic or if you don’t like the proximity effect.

I really like the golden small pop filter: MXL PF-005-G Metal Mesh Pop Filter (Gold). It’s beautiful on this mic and goes well with its finish.

A nice add-on to this mic also is a shockmount which isolates vibrations originating from the ground or the mic stand from the mic and therefore the recording. The MXL-57 isolation shock mount is the one that goes with it but any standard shockmount will fit as long as it’s the right size.

Included in The Box:

MXL V67G condenser mic accessories
MXL V67G condenser mic in-the-box accessories

The MXL V67G comes in a plain white box which includes:

  • MXL V67G microphone.
  • zip pouch
  • MXL MT-001 hard mount mic stand adapter (no shockmount included)

MXL V67G Price:

The V67G currently retails at only $64 at Amazon.

Bottom Line:

If you are a home studio novice, a beginner, a home recording enthusiast or just want to record audio with high quality while keeping your budget under $65, you will never regret getting this mic and you will thank me for that.

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  1. Searching for a stage mic option to your MXL V67G. What mic would you recommend for a large (12 or so) group of vocalist who also play acoustic string instruments (lute & zither). The group is typically seated in two rows of 6 musicians.

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