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New MXL 770x Condenser Microphone : Should I buy it?

MXL 770x microphone - front
MXL 770x microphone – front

MXL 770x is the latest member of the MXL microphones family. Building on the huge popularity and success of its predecessor MXL 770, the MXL 770x features a larger gold-sputtered diaphragm which MXL says is “upgraded” to increase dynamic range and enhance detail capture. They claim a “stunning” clarity and detail in the highs with warmth on the low end. While I need to test the mic to prove this, I’m confident it will be close to that, being an MXL fan myself.

What’s New?

The main selling feature for this microphone over the standard 770 in my opinion is the new multi-pattern capsule which allows you select between three polar modes: cardioid which represent roughly a heart shape, figure 8 which offers a two opposite circles going out of the center of the mic and finally an omni-directional pattern capturing sound from all around the microphone.

This makes the 770x a very flexible and versatile microphone for both home and studio recording applications. However, I can see this fit more nicely for home recording enthusiasts. For instance, when you are recording or practicing solo at home, you can set it of the cardioid mode which will focus the capture only at your voice and help reject some background noise. When a friend or your “band” come along and you want to record something together, the figure 8 or omni-directional modes come in handy for that situation. It’s a great feature that you don’t see often in an entry level microphone.

MXL 770x Design and Look

MXL 770x microphone - back
MXL 770x microphone – back

The look of the new MXL 770x is not that different from the standard 770 other than the BIG X letter under the 770 name on the front under the new pattern selecting switch. Also, the MXL logo is now on the back of the mic and the grill is a little bit clearer.


What is different look wise this time, however, is th new pop filter. Instead of the sold-separately big rounded, clunky pop filter, the new one is a light profile metal mesh which looks elegant and really “pops” in front of the mic giving it an attractive look.


MXL 770x Recording Package


The new MXL 770x multi-pattern condenser microphone comes in a nice recording bundle. Microphone Package that includes:

  • 770x microphone
  • heavy-duty shock mount with an integrated pop-filter
  • 20″ balanced XLR cable
  • microfiber cleaning cloth

This all-in-one package solves the common problem that faces most home recording beginners who just want to plug and play and start recording today. Usually you will have to buy every piece of your first recording kit separately, the mic, shock mount, pop filter and the cable after doing a time-consuming and frustrating research to find the items and check if they all fit your mic.

The all-in-one bundle is a great solution to this issue especially if it comes bundled from the manufacturer itself not a third-party seller.

MXL 770x Features:

  • Premium quality condenser microphone
  • Large 1.25″ gold-sputtered diaphragm
  • High clarity and detail in the highs with warmth on the low end
  • Three selectable polar patterns: cardioid, figure 8 and omnidirectional
  • All-in-one package to make it easy for those who can’t wait to start recording

MXL 770x Technical Specs

Pressure Gradient Multi-Pattern Condenser Mic
6 Micron Gold-Sputtered
Capsule Size:
32mm/1.26 in.
Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 20 kHz
Polar pattern:
-35 dB re 1 V/Pa
Output Impedance:
200 ohms
Attenuation Switch:
0 dB, -10 dB
High Pass Filter:
6 dB/Octave @ 135 Hz
Equivalent noise:
16 dB (A-weighted IEC 651)
High Pass Filter:
6 dB/Octave @ 135 Hz
S/N Ratio:
78 dB (Ref. 1 Pa A-Weighted)
Max SPL for .5% THD:
130 dB/140 dB (0 dB, -10 dB pad)
Power Requirements:
48V phantom power (+/- 4V)
60mm x 185mm/2.36 in. x 7.28 in.
1.1 lbs/500 g
Metal Finish:
Black with Black Grill

MXL 770x Price

One of the main selling points for the old MXL 770 was its low price point of around $70 which allowed many beginners to break into home recording world without spending a fortune.

At $180-199 on Amazon, the MXL 770x, however, is another story. This fairly high price point may not make it a compelling choice for new comers to this world. The add-on package items in my opinion don’t justify this price unless you are looking for a bundle and don’t want to fight with accessories compatibility.

We will have to wait as time will tell how this mic will be received and whether it will prove itself as a real successor the old trusty 770.

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