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MXL 2006 Microphone: Is it Good?

MXL 2006 Condenser Mic
MXL 2006 Condenser Mic

MXL 2006 is a low-cost recording microphone. Its large, 32mm condenser capsule gives it high sensitivity and low noise and allows it to capture “more acoustic energy”.

It’s identical to MXL’s first mic, the 2001, in terms of frequency response and both mics are in the same price range.

The 2006 has the classic design and look of the MXL 990 although taller and thinner. This brushed silver finish is not my taste though. It’s dull and boring.

MXL 2006 Sound Quality

MXL 2006 Mic with included shockmount
MXL 2006 Mic with included shockmount

This mic has a FET peramp with a class-A circuitry with a wide range of frequency response starting from 30Hz up to 20kHz. This means that when used with a good-quality amp, it produces a clear, crisp sound with nice low end without being muddy.

Although not like the MXL Genesis FET which has a real, UK-made K67 capsule, the 2006’s K67 Chinese copy does a good job of capturing pure, detailed sound.

It’s a cardioid capsule meaning it will take audio only from the front with a very little sound from the back. You have to take this into considerations when positioning the mic near unwanted sound sources.

The 2006 is a condenser and you will need an amplifier or audio interface capable of providing 48-volt phantom power in order for the mic to give its best. Stay away from cheap “interfaces” that are too weak to provide the needed volts.

The 2006 Features

MXL 2006 Mic (front)
MXL 2006 Mic (front)
  • Large capsule for picking up a crisp, detailed sound
  • FET with transformerless class-A circuitry
  • Good all-metal body

MXL 2006 Package

MXL 2006 Mic Package
MXL 2006 Mic Package

The 2006 microphone comes in a rugged plastic carrying case and an elastic shock mount to reduce mechanical noise with extra replacement elastics. I wouldn’t expect great isolation from such a shock mount. It’s OK for basic reduction of bumps and vibrations.

MXL 2006 Tech Specs

Condenser pressure gradient mic with large 32mm diaphragm capsule
Frequency Response:
30Hz – 20kHz
Polar pattern:
Output Impedance:
150 ohms
Equivalent noise:
16 dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
S/N Ratio:
78 dB (Ref. 1Pa A-weighted)
Max SPL for .5% THD:
130 dB
Power Requirements:
Phantom Power 48V +/-4V
50mm x 190mm
1.3 lbs/589.67g
Metal Finish:

Polar Pattern

MXL 2006 Mic Polar Pattern
MXL 2006 Mic Polar Pattern

MXL 2006 Price

The mic is sold for about $70 on Amazon and other stores. For a microphone this good, this is a really a great price. Sure, you can find other competitors in the same price range as this but MXL mics in general tend to have good quality control and last longer than other cheap Chinese mics.

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